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supporting the journey

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We exist to provide our operating companies with exceptional support and leadership to fulfill their unique missions.


We will be the best provider of management services in our industry across the nation. 



Dignity and Respect

We recognize the inherent value of each individual and are committed to building positive relationships by treating all people with dignity and respect.


We are committed to being authentic, honest and genuine, while holding ourselves and others accountable to do the right thing.


Our team leads by example, providing clear direction to develop others and build high performing teams. We drive for results by using strategic foresight.

Attitude of Service

We strive to approach everything we do with humility and a willingness to listen and learn. We seek to build solutions together.

Professional Business Practices

As an industry leader, we maintain a strong network of partnerships. We emphasize continuous learning and innovation. Our commitment to agile and efficient business processes result in outcomes that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.


a family of companies


Embassy Management, LLC was initially developed to provide high quality management services for the Aacres group of companies in 2007. Embassy Management, LLC now provides exceptional support and leadership to three companies which operate in multiple states. The Embassy Management, LLC team provides the services which are necessary for all quality businesses, such as accounting, payroll, information technology, human resources, quality improvement/assurance, training and strategic leadership. The consistent, quality service that Embassy Management, LLC provides for our operating companies allows them to deliver quality care and to fulfill their unique missions.

Embassy Management, LLC is responsible for the overall supervision, management and strategic planning for our family of companies:  Aacres, Compass Career Solutions, and SL Start.  Successfully integrating several acquired entities is a complex and complicated process for all interested parties. With diverse organizations that are also scattered across a huge geographical footprint, successful integration is vitally important – for the individuals we support first and foremost, and also for our 2000+ employees.

A key ingredient for success at our family of companies is establishing and maintaining a culture that embraces accountability and responsible management. From the very top of the organization to every site, facility, location, department and employee, being accountable for actions and decisions is a priority. Typically, across our industry and across the country, quality of care/quality of life for individuals supported lacks uniformity and outcome measurement. We, however offer services that embrace best practices and national standards of excellence. Every day we look at proprietary and unique improvements for individuals we support. We work in partnership with all stakeholders and mandate a performance and operating model that focuses on overall teamwork across the organization.

The goals and priorities of our company going forward involve additional growth and expansion, mostly from organic development efforts, leveraging our 100+ locations, and taking advantage of our size and scale. Identifying new programs and services within our sphere of expertise and experience is a logical strategy we employ. Creating an operating model that stresses accountability and quality, we are an organization that is progressive and rewards successful outcomes via an incentive-based performance model. Additional acquisitions remains a strategic priority. We are building a team that embraces performance, positive outcomes and an absolute priority in providing quality and individualized support.



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