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Aacres was founded in 1974 on the philosophy of providing individualized community support for people with developmental disabilities. Our belief is that our clients can live in and contribute to the community when provided appropriate support. The ability to identify needs and build programs to fill these needs is a unique aspect of Aacres. We have pioneered several programs to fill the needs of previously un-served or underserved populations. We understand the need to develop new innovative programs that meet the changing demands of people in the community. Aacres operates in Washington.

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Compass Career Solutions provides programs and services through supported employment, person-centered planning, community inclusion, youth readiness and transitions for individual’s with various support needs.  We empower personal strength discovery in individuals so that they have the opportunity to have long term relationships and be a part of their community. Compass operates throughout Oregon and Washington.


SL Start is a human services organization that provides a variety of supports for children and adults throughout Washington and Oregon. Services include residential living programs for children and adults with developmental disabilities. Every person has unique hopes, interests and desires for his or her life. People with developmental disabilities are no different. SL Start's community living programs enable a person to gain a voice whether he or she requires minor or major support to live a full life and be integrated into the community.


LSR is a branch of SL Start that provides support to children through our Licensed Staffed Residential Program in Washington. Children, young adults and families can experience our fundamental program. Through our program, each child's support plan encompasses health and medical needs as well as learning, emotional and behavioral concerns. We ensure  that each child is engaged in activities that provide a fun, caring, enriched life typical of any child's home.