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Updated March 17th, 2020

What to find

Located here are links to downloadable documents describing residential and workplace procedures and educational material for the following:

  • Personal and home hygiene for infection prevention and control

  • Administrative procedures for resident transportation and travel, screening of visitors.

  • Environmental controls for homes, such as supply and use of sanitary materials, setting up isolation, plastic barriers, sanitation stations, disposal of contaminated wastes, room cleaning

  • Human resource issues such as employee absentee plans, illness, and medical leave.

Embassy Management COVID-19

Emerging Infectious Disease Preparedness Plan

The policies, procedures, ​plans, and instructional material on this webpage are organized around the Embassy Management ​Emerging Infectious Disease Policy, which details the critical actions and plans required for us to respond to the three scenarios that may occur with the outbreak of an infectious disease such as Coronavirus:

1. General Preparedness – information on how to protect individuals and homes in areas or regions that do not have reported cases of Coronavirus infection.

2. Local Threat – instructions on how to prevent infection of individuals in homes located in communities notified by the public health authorities at either the federal, state and/or local level that the Coronavirus is likely to or has already spread.

3. Suspected Infection or Confirmed Case - instructions on how to proceed when a resident is suspected or confirmed of having a COVID-19 infection.

General Preparedness for Coronavirus

  • “Care Centers” designated centralized location for local information and resources

    • Tacoma (link to contact information: person, title, office location, office phone number)

    • Vancouver (link to contact information: person, title, office location, office phone number)

    • Snohomish (link to contact information: person, title, office location, office phone number)

  • Hand Hygiene – five simple and effective steps to reduce spread of the virus and its disease

  • Home Hygiene – best practices to maintain a clean and healthy home

Local Threats

What to do when notified by the public health authorities at either the federal, state and/or local level that Coronavirus is likely to or already has spread to a community where we provide services.

  1. Screening - visitors or individuals returning to a home

  2. Travel - excursions and visitations outside the home

  3. Transportation Guidelines – procedure and schedule for maintaining clean vehicles

  4. Home Environmental Controls – routines to maintain home cleanliness

  5. Use of Personal Protective Equipment – use of gowns, masks, gloves, and protective barriers

  6. Sanitary Supplies – key items for protection and compliance with environmental policies

  7. Vendor Policy – managing contractors and suppliers for in home services

Suspected Case in a Home or Care Facility

  • Recommended precautions for: Household members, intimate partners, and caregivers in a non-healthcare settings exposed to confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19

    • Embassy COVID Exposure Definitions and Summary Preventative Action​

  • Home Engineering Controls: Indications for physical plant alterations such as use of private rooms for high-risk residents, plastic barriers, sanitation stations, managing contaminated wastes.

Company Policies for Employees

  • Immediate Mandatory Sick Leave: Procedure for employees who have been exposed to pandemic coronavirus, are suspected to be ill, or become ill at the worksite (e.g.).

  • Return to Work: Employee compensation and sick-leave absences when a previously quarantined or ill person is no longer infectious and can return to work after illness.

Links to State Health Authorities 

Web Sites for Reporting Suspected Cases


Included on this page are links to local, state, and federal health authorities, which are the source of the latest information and guidance on prevention, case definition, surveillance, treatment, and response related to a specific disease threat. Please remember that regulations and requirements for reporting and responding may vary by state and local health authority. The information provided herein is designed to assist home and facility operations and does not constitute medical or legal advice.

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