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Human Resources is committed to maintaining an employee relations climate that supports the organization's mission, vision and values by promoting maximum personal development and achievement. We are dedicated to treating our employees fairly and providing good working conditions, competitive wages and benefits, and above all, the respect that each employee deserves.




Embassy’s IT infrastructure has undergone significant changes and upgrades. These changes include an improved network topology with built-in redundancies, upgraded routing and switching hardware, and the addition of dynamic routing and distributed, fault-tolerant network services. Modern workstations and servers have also been deployed, reducing bottlenecks for employees who are also using improved business processes. Router upgrades allow IT personnel to have secure remote access to branch offices and home facilities. As new branch networks come online they are being added to Embassy’s remote monitoring and management software capabilities, allowing IT a real-time view of network device statuses, bandwidth utilization, and alerts.

Critical applications are being updated, giving caregivers better access to client information, and increasing our own accountability for providing exceptional care. New software combined with improved networks allows us to use tablet computers to log client information, while keeping data more secure and staying in compliance with HIPAA and PII regulations. As users learn how to better take advantage of new technology tools our standard of care will only continue to rise, and as best practices for healthcare technology management evolve our systems will evolve with them. The Embassy IT team is happy to be serving our caregivers, and we know that each improvement, upgrade, and change we make helps benefit our clients.

The Embassy Quality Improvement/Assurance team works in partnership with the operating groups across the companies to ensure continuous quality improvement of the services and supports provided, achievement of desired outcomes, as well as to ensure compliance with all federal, state, and county regulations along with internal company policies and procedures.

The QI/QA team serves as a resource for the operating groups by providing expertise in best practices, regulatory compliance, and internal policies and systems. The QI/QA team completes routine, formal reviews of all program services and supports across the Embassy family of companies throughout the year. As reviews are completed, the QI/QA team works in partnership with the Embassy Training Department to ensure that training needs are addressed. The on-going focus of the Embassy QI/QA team is ensuring the best quality of care for individuals served.



We exist to design and deliver employee training that results in competent and confident staff, who are equipped to effectively serve with excellence all those involved with the companies.

Training & Development Values

 Respect | We acknowledge and value the experience of adult learners
 Continuous Learning | We possess and act on our openness and desire to learn
 Innovation | We think outside of the box in how to best meet learners’ needs while reaching training objectives
 Collaboration | We share and build upon one another’s ideas
 Growth Mindset | We embrace people’s ability to develop



Embassy  is always looking for growth and expansion in both new and existing markets. We work in collaboration with state, regional, and county customers along with local communities to identify areas of need, then seek to meet those needs by building on those service areas where we have strong clinical expertise and an established reputation for quality services and by entering into new service areas that complement our current array of services and supports.

We have extensive experience implementing large-scale comprehensive services across multiple geographic areas. Our success in the implementation of these services is based on proven implementation strategies that support efficient startup and transition of contracts. As a large multi-faceted social service agency, we provide supports and services in a variety of locations in multiple states. We have a proven track record of experience in managing multiple office locations. Embassy's shared services team provides a complete complement of administrative services including accounting, payroll, human resources, work safety, training, management information systems, and quality assurance which gives us the infrastructure off of which to successfully add new business.

Across the Embassy family of companies, our leaders and employees eagerly seek out new markets and service opportunities in order to keep our business moving forward.